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Dreamoc™ is the one and only 3D display, which allows you combine the real products with virtual reality. Dreamoc™ gives you unbelievable opportunities to promote your goods. Imagine your product dancing, flying, singing, burning, or even exploding.
The content can be fully customized to fit your individual needs.



Dreamoc HD
Dreamoc XL
Dreamoc Scandinavia 180
Dreamoc Scandinavia 360
  • Generates positive attention
  • Combines free-floating 3D elements and physical products
  • High reliability and long lifetime
  • Remote access for uploading new content

You can use Dreamoc™ at exhibitions, for presentation of new product, place it at reception, in retail shop and any other place where is possibility to attract potential client’s attention.

Dreamoc™ can be used not only for advertising, but in museums and for living rooms decoration also.





We offer

  • Equipment sale
  • Accessories sale
  • Support
  • Dreamoc™ content development
  • Dreamoc™ rent

Kweila Ltd is the official reseller of the Dreamoc™ in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. For sale, rent or content development contact us: info@kweila.com



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We offer video development services for Dreamoc™ displays.
  • Is it difficult to install the Dreamoc™?
    No. Display is built to run with minimal maintenance and does not demand special skills from a technician.
  • Is stand included?
    No. Stand is optional. There are different stand choices for some models. You can also make Dreamoc™ a part of your exposition – develop the stand using your own design or decorate it in imitation of your interior.
    We are ready to help you in such kind of works. For more information write to info@kweila.com
  • Can I produce the content myself?
    Yes, but if you want to get quality content we recommend to consult experienced developers. For example, Kweila Ltd.
  • What content is included?
    Basic delivery includes demonstration video so you could assess device functionality.



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  Dreamoc™ HD
Dreamoc™ XL2
Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 180
Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 360
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