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We offer a wide range of services in 3D graphics field beginning with planning and consulting and finishing with project’s realization and quality control.


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Space Elevator


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3D Production

We produce high-quality 3D models and animations, which can be further used in your projects: commercials, trainings, cartoons, videos, architecture, etc. We also create 4D movies for 4D Theatres based on your ideas or developed fully by us. Realistic or cartoon-like, fantastic or true to life scenes, with additional special effects or without them.

Make your ideas live!

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Space Elevator

A short action movie made for a new unique attraction, located in the AHHAA Science Centre in Tartu. Visitors are offered to enter special lift - Space Elevator, which starts its journey on Earth and finishes on space orbit.

    Be different!

Kweila Ltd offers not only up-to-date technologies and equipment, but also supplies Clients with an outstanding promo video. Floating logo, product presentation or complex animation with special effects. Expand your advertising opportunities and attract Customers with our new brilliant solutions.



The Ultimate

Available in four sizes
Now in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


We offer Dreamoc™ technologies to the Baltic States’ market

Being an official reseller of the Dreamoc™ products in the Baltics, we are going to change old advertising ideas. Printed output, billboards and banners became something usual. To attract visitors you need something new. Dreamoc™ – a new word in advertising world. Place Dreamoc™ in shopping centre, exhibition, conference, airport or any other public place – audience attention is guaranteed!

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4D Movies
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